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Typical jet engine front frame mold with over 115 sand cores

  • Wellman’s core competency is in the making of large, complex, premium grade, aerospace sand castings in both aluminum and magnesium alloys. Molds that require over 130 individual sand cores are commonplace.
  • Small diameter lubrication lines with a diameter of .25” and up to 30” long are routinely produced with some molds requiring over 30 of these delicate serpentine shaped sand cores.
  • External dimensions of castings can range from .5’ X .5’ X .5’ up to 5’ X 10’ X 5’.
  • Weights for aluminum castings range from  a low of 1# up to 1,000#. Magnesium castings vary between .5# and go as high as 700#.

Handmade, small diameter pipe cores

  • Virtually any shape can be cast. Let your imagination guide you.
  • Our engineering team will concurrently work with your engineering team to produce the best possible casting design.

Bottom Pour /Low Pressure

  • Some aluminum designs lend themselves well to the bottom pour or low pressure pouring concept.
  • The crucible is located under the mold and the atmosphere within the furnace is argon, an inert gas, that greatly reduces the chances that oxides can become entrapped in the metal.
  • The vessel is pressurized to about 12 – 13 psi and the metal is gently pushed up the feed stalk with little to no turbulence.



Other In House Services .....

Non Disruptive Testing Capabilities .....

  • Special processes for metallurgical evaluation
  • Traditional Film Radiography
  • Digtal Radiography
  • Liquid Penitrant Inspection

    Special Process for Dimensional Verification .....

  • Traditional Layout or blue line layout
  • CMM capability
  • 3D scan Technology
  • 3D Targeting
  • Additive Manufacturing / Core Printing