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Heat Treat

  • Wellman has 4 large drop bottom, solution, heat treat ovens with Glycol infused hot water quench
  • There are 3 - 6’X6’X6’ electric aging ovens
  • We also have a large, elevated electric furnace 6’X20’X4’ with 3 distinct heating zones

Digital X-Ray

  • Wellman has 2 high capacity Digital X-Ray machines. Thus eliminating the need for film and long development times
  • A third machine with expanded cabinet space will be up and running in early 2015 


  • Wellman has 12 large, shuttle booth X-ray machines like the one shown
  • There are also 4 medium size, walk in, X-Ray rooms
  • We also have 2, GE CR50P phosphor scanners

Pressure Test

  • Wellman has 3, air under water, pressure test stations for leak testing internal passageways

Dimensional Inspection

  • Wellman has a team of highly skilled and trained professionals who can verify the dimensional integrity of all of our castings
  • We continue to offer traditional blue line lay outs and have 3 large granite topped lay out tables with SPO rotary tilting fixtures
  • We have 3 digital scanning devices with roamer arms that can handle the largest of our castings

Targeting Fixtures

  • Wellman uses part specific targeting fixtures to establish the machining start points and to make certain that all key profiles of the casting are within tolerance


  • Wellman has a fully equipped metallurgical Laboratory
  • We have (2)  17 element spectrometers to assure that all metal used is within specification
  • For mechanical property testing we have 2, Tinius Olsen tensile machines
  • We have a complete sand testing area to assure grain size, moisture content and resin mixture


Casting Development

Process Control & Quality

Wellman has a, well experienced, Engineering and Quality staff that includes:

  • 8 process engineers for current production jobs
  • 5 new product development engineers
  • 10 quality control / compliance engineers
  • 1 ASNT certified level III professional
  • 2, in house, level III certified professionals