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Wellman Dynamics' 325,000 square foot facility is nestled in the rolling hills of southwest Iowa. The Creston plant is equipped for complete casting manufacturing and processing. For example, all heat treatment, layout, metallurgical and non-destructive testing are performed in-house. Over 20 different aluminum and magnesium alloys are routinely cast. Wellman helped pioneer the development of specialty magnesium alloys such as corrosion resistant AZ91E and heat resistant WE43A & EV31and is currently the largest producer of castings using these alloys in the world.

Wellman Dynamics specializes in manufacturing premium grade aluminum and magnesium sand castings. We are best known for producing large, complex castings with high strength, close tolerances, and near perfect integrity primarily for aerospace applications. What we bring our customers is over 90 years of experience in using advanced casting technology to solve their most difficult problems.

We can't design a helicopter or jet engine, but we are experts at helping our customers design the best casting for their application, then delivering premium quality parts to their dock.

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